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27 June 2010 @ 12:04 am
Questions and Answers with cloudyjenn  
Welcome to the fifth in a series of interviews with fanfic writers, fanartists, and other fannish creators. Every month we'll be interviewing someone new to discuss their work, their thoughts about the Dean & Castiel, and their creative process.

This month's interview is with the very talented and sweet cloudyjenn , whose work can be found at cloudy_verses and cloudy_fic. Since this is a rec community, cloudyjenn has been kind enough to give a few of her favorite fics in the fandom. So let's jump right in, shall we?

swing_set13 :: Hi! well, fans are dying to know, what's you sign?

cloudyjenn :: Ahaha. I'm a Virgo. In some ways, SUCH a Virgo. Perfectionism and massive amounts of self-criticism but on the other hand, I'm messy all the time.

swing_set13 :: Do these traits help you with writing?

cloudyjenn :: They can help and hurt. When I publish something, I usually feel pretty good about it, but then later, I might read something over and want to poke out my own eyes. During the actual process of writing, I don't think much about being perfect or criticizing or really much of anything.

swing_set13 :: Are you your own worst critic? Because what I've read is pretty awesome.

cloudyjenn :: Well, thank you! But yes, I'm harder on myself than anyone else could possibly be. Mostly it just makes me write more!

swing_set13 :: Good to hear. Now I see that we're timezone buddies, where are you from?

cloudyjenn :: Kentucky, which I'm sure a lot of people already figured out since I talk about it constantly on my twitter and put it in fanfiction and name whole stories after it. I was just thinking about how ridiculous I am about it. *laughs*

swing_set13 :: Well, Ms Kentucky, my interest has been peaked to know what prompted the lj name change? Is it cloudy?

cloudyjenn :: *laughs* Well, I'd been JenniferLupin since I was seventeen! That's a very newbie teenager-y name. Favorite Character+First Name. I wanted something that could cross fandoms better and suited my older self more. I like cloudy days. I love gloomy weather for some reason. It makes me feel cheerful.

swing_set13 :: Does the weather make you want to write?

cloudyjenn :: Hmmm, it can sometimes. Especially if it's nasty outside and you just want to curl into the corner. But to be honest, I still don't know what triggers my writing moods.

swing_set13 :: If fans knew that you'd have a couple camped out near you.

cloudyjenn :: *laughs* My writing moods are exceptionally fickle. I can go for a week without writing anything and then sit down and write 10k in one sitting. I feel like I go into a trance. Like with Last Five Years. I wrote that all at once and I barely remember doing it.

swing_set13 :: Now before we delve into your process, I know you have more than a passing interest in Supernatural, but what's your fandom background? Is Supernatural your first? I get the feeling there is some Harry Potter love but how long have you been into this wonderful verse?

cloudyjenn :: Yep, Harry Potter was my first online fandom. Before that, I was (and still am) hugely into Star Wars and Star Trek. But HP was my first online fandom experience. I wrote a little bit of fic, but my main contribution was to run a shipping debate community with a dear friend of mine who doesn't ship ANYTHING the same as me. *laughs* Then I moved onto to Stargate and Star Trek before Supernatural. As for how I got into Supernatural, I didn't start watching it until New Year's Eve 2008. I made my best friend watch it with me because I was too scared to do it alone! I paused the pilot when John turns to look at the ceiling and refused to go on. I hate horror movies. That's why I never watched Supernatural before. The ads made it look like nothing, but slasher/horror stories. I didn't know there was a huge backstory that completely drew me in when I finally gave it a chance. I thought the pilot was so fantastic. Now the reason I gave it a chance was Castiel for more than one reason. Usually when I watch something, it's because it looks interesting or has a cool fandom. Since I thought Supernatural was just horror movies, I looked at the fandom. And I incorrectly believed the fandom was only for Sam/Dean fans. Incest is a huge squick for me! So when I started hearing about Castiel, two thoughts occurred. A. Angels and demons are way cooler than horror movies! B. Another person to ship around! From what I could tell, I also incorrectly believed there were no girl characters, so I figured slash was the way to go. Castiel drew me in. *pets the angel* He just looked so cool. I had to know what his deal was. I tried to cheat to get into the series. I started with s1 like a good girl and watched all the way up to s3. Then I was like, OK, I'll just peek at Castiel. I chose "In the Beginning" and I kept skipping to John scenes and going, WHO IS THIS PERSON? Then when I watched it, I nearly had kittens I was so excited about seeing John. And when I saw Castiel, I remember thinking, holy crap, his voice.

swing_set13 :: So how long have you been writing, since sadly Supernatural wasn't your first love?

cloudyjenn :: Heee...Well, to be honest, my first fanfic was written when I was 10. It was for a school assignment and it was about Dragon Warrior. I loved that game so much! I wrote a story about a girl who went to a museum that told the story of the princess in that game. It featured time travel. I should have known then. I love time travel stories. Anything with time travel. I have the entire series of Quantum Leap on DVD. And considering how often I played pretend in Star Wars, it's been years and years. I'm 26 now. So that's 7 years online. I just remembered I was 19 when I got into HP, not 17. But yes, those experiences helped me a lot. I've been making up stories since I was born. I'm never not writing in my head. I write as I fall asleep in bed. I wake up mid-writing. I write dreams into fics. I haven't had a significant dryspell since I seriously started writing fics in the Enterprise fandom. Shows like that scream for fanfiction.

swing_set13 :: Is Supernatural a relatively easy fandom to delve into in comparison to the others?

cloudyjenn :: Supernatural is a very welcoming and talented fandom, I think. At least the Dean/Castiel portion of it. As for the actual fic writing, there's so much to explore that it makes it easy to come up with ideas.

swing_set13 :: What is your favorite D/C story?

cloudyjenn :: Oooh, I can't pick a favorite! I was thinking about this earlier today. There are a lot of good fics and writers! But I do have some that really struck me, of course. Running In Circles by izazov made me literally sob. I don't like angst very much, but this just blew me away. Even thinking about it makes my chest ache. It's this epic journey for Dean and it's very emotional, but in the end, it's really about sacrifice and moving on. Moving on makes me sadder than anything in the world. That is true angst for me. Not physical torture or things like that. But rather learning it's just not meant to be. Those are the things that tear out my heart. For something happier, I loved Pygmalion Amongst the Wheat by bellajayd . It was just very sweet and beautiful. I loved Dean and Cas' relationship to each other. Um, let's see, a few more... the last are two are WIPs, if that's okay? I love mia6363 's Dream A Little Dream. It's got a strong Sam/Gabriel pairing, but it's also very Dean/Castiel. It's an AU. I just love Castiel in this one. Also, one of my favorite stories is whreflections's Collateral Damage. It's Michael!Dean fic. Honestly, I adore the Sam/Michael in it. The author writes unrequited (the S/M) love so well and so sweet. And I love the_ninth_bow's Let Them Seek Peace. Post-everything domestic fic! Lovely. Dean clearly desires that home life and it's so fun to see Castiel trying to figure it all out. And don't worry, it's not Wincesty. So far anyway...I mean, it's a WIP, but I don't get the sense that it's meant to be Wincesty. It can creep up sometimes. Which makes me intensely uncomfortable! I miss a lot of the fics with the overtones because it's just not something I can read or Sam/Castiel or Sam/Dean/Castiel. I've very protective of my OTPs. Sam is my fandom bicycle, but Dean and Castiel only go together in my fics.

swing_set13 :: Which D/C fic of yours is your favorite?

cloudyjenn :: Oh my. It's like picking between children! *laughs* Alright, I have to say The Soul Piece. I've poured a lot of energy into it. I just now did a wordcount on it. It's 88,000 words so far and it's not half done! I just think about it a lot. I have most of it planned already though. I think it's fair to say I'm the most proud of it.

swing_set13 :: Since i made you pick between children, this will probably be tough, but do you have any favorite authors in fandom? Who and why?

cloudyjenn :: Well, the ones I already mentioned, I usually like what they write! I like starandrea 's stories. They're good long reads. trinityofone writes good fic. I really liked A Wincest Story. Oh and the Hands of God saga by wolfling and omphalos . I thoroughly enjoy their work. misslucyjane is very good too. I love long plotty fics, as you can see. *laughs* They stick with me for longer but I like ficlets and one-shots too. But I feel like I'm leaving people out! Seriously, I enjoy much of what I read.

swing_set13 :: What draws you to read fics?

cloudyjenn :: If any of the following words are mentioned in the summary: time-travel, jealousy, amnesia, fluffy, AU, kids, post-apocalypse, I'm likely to take a look at it. I have this weird adoration for stories where one partner thinks the other has died and then realizes it's not true. I've written it twice now in two different fandoms and there's amnesia in both. It's oddly specific, but I love it. They are such fun to write. The big reveal is always the best part to bang out. You have to clear your head and put yourself in their places and type without thinking.

swing_set13 :: What is your writing process?

cloudyjenn :: I think very little when I'm writing. I will admit that. Starting a story changes from fic to fic. Like with The Request, I was so freaking frustrated with Soul Piece that I opened up a new document and just typed the first sentence. Whatever it is about Cas not having a job for thousands of years. And then I was off with no clue of where I was heading. Other times, I can plan a bit. Like with my most recent one-shot, Not Usually a Good Thing, I planned the five scenes and then wrote them out. The Request was meant to be a short one-shot to clear my writer's block, but it collided with another idea I'd had for a long time about Dean being a cop and searching for the man who killed his mom. Only in that fic, Cas was a religions professor at the local college and Dean had gone to him for help on the case because the murders had religious overtones. Or something. I don't know, but it mutated into The Request. I also remember thinking that I had never read a fic where Castiel was angelic and sent to help Dean, but Dean wasn't a hunter. More of the Request is coming, I'm writing a short connector fic between another longer entry, I believe. Dean has to have the 'in-laws' over for dinner. I want to sort of explore the Anna/Michael relationship as I write about Dean/Cas. Which is hilarious considering he killed her in canon, but eh, it was AU.

swing_set13 :: How do you feel about canon?

cloudyjenn :: I use it as a kind of signpost for my writing. I mean, it birthed the characters and situations, obviously. And I would hate for something awful to happen to the boys in canon. But I would still write, I think. For certain, I am committed to finishing The Soul Piece. I don't care if Dean kills Castiel and drinks his blood, I'm finishing that story.

swing_set13 :: If writing a non-AU do you adhere to canon strictly or make changes at will?

cloudyjenn :: I usually adhere to what we know at the time of writing, yes. If I do an AU, I usually go the whole hog and change everything. If the Impala was pink, I'd write an ode to it. I don't like to change things that don't fit. Like with Soul Piece, I'm going to have to write Cas being very rude and threatening to Dean, which might seem out of character with the rest of the story. But I have a plan for it. It's staying the same in my fic as it was in canon.

swing_set13 :: Is there a consistency to the changes you make in fics? like particular things you always want to change?

cloudyjenn :: Just the obvious, lol. I can't think of anything that I particularly want to write around. I'd also want to make Dean more open to emotional relationships, I suppose. But canon seems like it might be going in that direction anyway. I don't like what happened to Castiel in The End. That made me sad and not in the good way.

swing_set13 :: The canon hinted that Dean has never felt love, how did that make you feel? Or want to change?

cloudyjenn :: I think it's true. Dean needs to have a journey towards independence before he can love anyone. When he prayed, I was so happy! He was taking a step towards getting help by himself. That was a huge deal! I do think that once he comes around and realizes the hurt is worth the love, he'll realize that Sam and Castiel were always there for him. I doubt the show will write in the slash! But for me, I can see him looking at Cas and going, Holy crap, I can't believe you actually cared about me this whole time. Also, when Bobby's wife said that thing about bringing Bobby peace because she loved him, I obviously thought about Cas. Even when he was trying to do what Dean didn't want and let the world be destroyed, what was his reason? In Heaven, you'd be at peace. I think Dean would think of that too. Even if not in a slashy way, though totally in a slashy way for my fangirlish heart.

swing_set13 :: In writing, what part of canon do you always want to adhere to no matter what?

cloudyjenn :: Most of the details of their relationship get to stay. I mean, the physical details of course. How they met and everything said and done in the Heaven's Waiting room scenes. I love how they relate to each other. I love how Dean absorbed Castiel into his Insiders Club without really realizing it. And I love how much and how well Castiel loves Dean.

swing_set13 :: Speaking how they relate, we've been lucky to get some really good Dean/Castiel moments in canon, which is markedly your favorite or which to you drift back to when seeking inspiration to write? Or which one just rocked your socks the hardest?

cloudyjenn :: Oh dear, so many! I've watched the Heaven's Waiting room the most, I think. That was a huge turning point, obviously. I also love the end of The End. It felt like Dean was really seeing Castiel for the first time and understanding how much he liked him the way he is. I love Dean threatening Gabriel on Castiel's behalf. Oh and how much did I love Dean going to Castiel first thing after his dream meeting with Anna? She was like, hey, Cas sucks and Dean was all, Oh man, I'm sorry! Now watch as I immediately go to him and blab everything about this to him.

swing_set13 :: When you write, how do you see Dean?

cloudyjenn :: Dean is a very maternal character for me. The disconnect between his public self and his private self is stunning. Not that his public self is a lie because it's not. But that goofy flirty tough guy is the outside half. The inside half is the mother hen from Hell. Get near his babies and you die. Sam, obviously, is the primary focus of this, but once you get into his back pocket, he's like that. Or if you are the Impala. As much as he loves hunting and roaming about, he hates change. I relate to that about him a lot. I too listen to the same five records over and over or however he said it.

swing_set13 :: I think a lot of people can relate to Dean, especially he wants being put under those around him, do you see his devil-may care attitude as a suitable foil to his gooey center?

cloudyjenn :: Well, it's seems realistic. There aren't many people as self-sacrificing as Dean. That makes him very vulnerable, so it makes sense to me that he would cover it up with all that. If he doesn't get close to people, then he won't have to worry about losing them. Of course, it doesn't work out that way, but he lives in hope. *laughs* I think people are extremely attracted to him because they want to make him happy! My first thought when I finally got to the Castiel bits was, thank God Dean gets someone to focus on him now.

swing_set13 :: Do you feel a lot of the show is Sam centered?

cloudyjenn :: Well, it's just that Dean is so Sam-centered. Much of his personality and self-worth is built on how well he can take care of the kid. Sam doesn't have that problem. Sam has the ability to be selfish and take things for himself, which is normal. So we have Sam, who focuses on himself and on Dean in equal parts. And then Dean who focuses too much on Sam. So it seems like a lot of focus is on Sam! That's why I was so relieved when Dean prayed. I want him to transform his relationship with Sam. Not lose it. Never that! But come to the point where he can be happy without relying so much on Sam or anyone else. I think Dean would always want Sammy around. But maybe they don't have to live in the same room? I don't think that's too much to ask. Hey, they can even share a house if they need to. As long as Dean and Castiel can have their own section.

swing_set13 :: How do you see Castiel, because he is the other half of this awesome OTP?

cloudyjenn :: Oh, Castiel... I do love him. I can relate to Castiel. I too struggle with my faith at times. I don't like stories where he loses his faith. It's too much The End! I think Castiel had emotions before he met Dean. Love for God and righteous indignation and things like that. But his first experience with human type emotions seems to be epic love for Dean. He struggles with that. I like how his desire to make Dean happy sort of solidified his faith in God. Now he's free from Heaven's restrictions, he can search for his Father. Love set him free! In personality, I just find him adorably sweet in his struggle to understand everything happening to him. He's like a baby!angel. All the other angels seem to understand pop culture and humans way more than him. I think Castiel must have been squirted out fairly recently. And all the other angels are jealous that he got a human before them!

swing_set13 :: Has your perception or adoration for Castiel changed with the introduction of more angels? Or have you been able to see him better?

cloudyjenn :: Well, I love him more, I think! He's the best in his row, shall we say. And the thing about him seeming younger. You might think that all angels are like Castiel in how they don't get humans and seem so new. Then you see how weary Gabriel is or how melancholy Raphael is or how angry Anna is or how authoritative and knowledgable Michael is and you begin to wonder where Castiel came from. I have this idea in my head that they sent the youngest purest angel into Hell to save Dean because they figured he'd last the longest, heh. I want to write a story someday where Castiel was born about forty-five minutes before he saved Dean. He's such a cute baby!angel.

swing_set13 :: Similar to this vein, Dean's attitude towards religion and angels in season two, especially in "Houses Of The Holy", and now, how do you think being touched by an angel changed your view of Dean's character?

cloudyjenn :: I think it made him feel smug and superior in part at first. Like, "Aha! I told you all that wasn't worth your time!" Then his relationship with Castiel began to change. I think a part of Dean will always resent Heaven and angels. How could he not after the manipulation? But he understands now that there are gray areas and parts that are just as good as you might think. I love love love that scene where Dean tells Cas not to give up on God. He still doesn't believe, but he gets now how it's important to people he loves. He wants to support Castiel and oh wow, what a lovely moment.

swing_set13 :: Do you want Castiel to fall or to stay an angel? It has been a big debate in stories or is he well on his way to become some sort of super angel?

cloudyjenn :: Yes, it has! I can enjoy either in stories, but for canon, I hope he can stay an angel. I want him to have his cake and eat it too. I want him to keep his powers and his connection to his brothers, but be given the right to choose to hang around his humans. I want him to hang around forever, like keep working his day job with Heaven and then come home at night to Dean. Ah, domestic life!

swing_set13 :: This is probably an overdue question but what draws you to Dean/Castiel as a pairing? does there need to be romance or does an epic bromance suit you fine?

cloudyjenn :: They fit like puzzle pieces. Dean can give Castiel this fierce and extremely personal love that I think would blow Castiel away and Cas can finally be someone who protects Dean instead of Dean protecting them. I always think Dean can just finally relax for goodness' sake when he's with Castiel. I want them as close as possible in canon and in fics, I really prefer the romantic angle. Not that I haven't enjoyed gen or pre-slash fics because I have. But I love them being in love. It's equal parts sweet, awkward and extremely fitting. They are both extremely passionate. I mean, Castiel is vague and reserved at times, but he does whatever he does 1000%. Dean needs someone to love him that much because it's how he loves. And he needs someone to get how much Sam means to him. I can't see Castiel ever being jealous of Dean and Sam's relationship. And Castiel just plain loves the stuffing out of Dean. I think he'd always want to be around him, no matter what. Even in that horrible The End future where Dean was a shell of himself, Castiel stayed by his side. To have that love returned, man...well, like I said, it'd blow him away.

swing_set13 :: Then how do you see Dean/Castiel in canon and fanon and how does it translate into writing?

cloudyjenn :: In fanon, I see them as everything in that paragraph basically. They can be the loves of each other's lives without the fact that they both already have another great love being a problem. In canon, I think Cas is becoming Dean's safe place without him realizing it. I see them as best friends that don't know they are best friends. I think Cas is more than half in love with Dean, but doesn't know it and may never act on it. I see Dean as being afraid of how much Cas could mean to him so he pushes him back some. I sort of use both views in my writing, I think.

swing_set13 :: Some criticize that their friendship is messing up the brother dynamic, what are your thoughts?

cloudyjenn :: I think Cas has nothing to do with the brother's relationship. They had problems before Castiel. The idea that Sam and Dean can only have each other makes me crazy insane. No one just has ONE person in their lives. It causes people do things like sell their souls, heh. They both need to expand. Dean needed a friend he made for himself. I like stories where Castiel makes a little troupe of friends too. That's always fun and sweet.

swing_set13 :: Now for some fun stuff! Taking a page out of a teen beat magazine; which character are you most like on the show? Most unlike? and the important, whys?

cloudyjenn :: I'm the most like Sam, which is why I want to smack him sometimes. I'm the youngest in my family and in particular, I have my own Dean. My older sister and I are so close that people think we are twins and always comment on how unusually close we are. I'm the most unlike Dean, I think. Which is, in turn, why I love him so much! I'm not self-sacrificing in the least nor am I very protective. I love protective characters so much, I can't stand it.

swing_set13 :: Now, this is very important, if you could give Dean/Castiel the ultimate power ballad what would it be?

cloudyjenn :: OMG *laughs* I am terrible at music titles. Umm..."Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams? Castiel did point out that he did it all for Dean.

swing_set13 :: Now, are you a Dean girl, Sam girl, or Castiel girl? Or do you love them all equally?

cloudyjenn :: I have a great deal of love in my heart for all of them. Let's be clear on that point before I say that I'm a total Dean girl. He really got me interested. I remember leaning over to my friend and saying, "You know, I really like that Dean kid." I was surprised by how much because it seems I should like the bookish one. It's taken me a long time to realize I never like the bookish one. I'm a nerd, so I should like nerds right? But no, I always go for the protective alpha male with a heart of gold. I think Sam and I could have long interesting discussions as I stare at Dean and itch to play with Castiel's hair.

swing_set13 :: If Dean and Castiel, and for the sake of continuity, the rest of the Supernatural cast, were thrust into a new 'verse, where would you send them? One that has never been tackled? Or a classic that you would love to see more of?

cloudyjenn :: So what fusion would I do? I love fusions and AUs. I seem to find myself writing a crapload of AUs. I wish someone would write an epic length Dean/Castiel Star Wars story. With Winchester Jedi's. Or Stargate! With Dean in Atlantis and Cas as an Ancient. Also, yes, OMG, I need Dean as a space pirate!

swing_set13 :: Ok, the loyal viewers want to know, which character do you find easiest to write?

cloudyjenn :: My easiest character to write goes back and forth. When I first started, I didn't know what to do with Castiel. I wrote more from Dean's POV. Then I started writing Soul Piece, which is all from Castiel's POV. I sort of fleshed out how I saw Cas in writing that, so I find him easier to write now than I do Dean!

swing_set13 :: Now to be gritty, who tops and who bottoms? Or do they switch it up? 'cause fangirls need to know.

cloudyjenn :: Um, yes. Well, I definitely think they would take turns at least some of the time. At first, I think Castiel would bottom more just because Dean would be too freaked out. Then it would even out and I can see Dean being surprised by how much he likes to bottom. Like I was saying earlier, I think he can just relax with Cas. Lay back and let Cas take over things for awhile. But that's the emotional side of it. He could do the same thing if he was technically topping. I think Castiel would love to make decisions in the bedroom. He doesn't get to make decisions very often. And I think he would enjoy taking care of Dean. So much so that I can see Dean going, 'okay dude, seriously, calm down, it's your turn now.'

swing_set13 :: Now, what is your favourite genre to write? or is there a particular one in the future that would like to tackle? or can't ever see yourself doing?

cloudyjenn :: To get the bad out of the way, I can't see myself ever writing death!fic or very dark!fic or anything involving a lot of graphic violence. My mind just doesn't work like that. As for my favorite to write, I think that could be termed simple 'romance'. Get them together in a sweet or funny or long-winded *laughs* way! Although I also like to write established-relationship too. I love kid!fic. Dean is such a parent. And I think Castiel would be scared crapless of it and then end up loving it.

swing_set13 :: Now Soul Piece is probably the story that is busting your brain, what was the easiest to write? Since writer's block lead to more fics, is this how you solve it most of the time?

cloudyjenn :: Actually, the hardest to write was In Real Life. I wanted to kill that story. I don't know how I got through it. It rebelled against me for some reason. I rarely rewrite and that story, I had to start the scene with Sam and Dean talking over and over. And Second Childhood hated me while I was writing it too. I just had to keep plugging away. In both cases, they were challenge fics and I finally had to use the pressure of the deadline to finish. I wrote them both the day they were due, I think. But yes, I do use other writing to cure writer's block, most of the time. Give myself a fresh start and a break from whatever's causing me problems.

swing_set13 :: Is there something that helps you get through it? Do you have a drink of choice or some music that gets you in the mood?

cloudyjenn :: Chris Thile and his band, the Punch Brothers. I write almost all my fics to his music. I drink a lot of tea too, but I do that anyway. *laughs* I am listening to PB as I'm typing!

swing_set13 :: Any particular reason, before loads of fans start looking for his albums?

cloudyjenn :: I just love his songs so very much. They are subtle and powerful and that makes me feel inspired to create as well. The musical The Last Five Years inspired the story of the same title. I just remembered that. There is a song in it called Still Hurting where the girl sings about her husband leaving her because he decided it was his right to decide. That felt very The End to me. Dean made all these decisions that hurt Cas and didn't think twice about it. But yes, go and get The Punch Brothers. They are amazing.

swing_set13 :: Now, some people think beta-ing is the bee's knees, do you beta-read?

cloudyjenn :: I have read people's stories, but in a more general content 'did you find this entertaining' type way. I don't do extensive beta-reading for anyone.

swing_set13 :: Do you have a go-to-beta?

cloudyjenn :: I have had people read my fics before, but I haven't got one person or group that I ask a lot. In fact, much of the time I don't have a beta reader. I know I should get one. My sister reads a lot of my stuff before it goes out though.

swing_set13 :: Now let's wind down this interview with more teen beatness! Describe your ideal Dean/Castiel date, if they would have one.

cloudyjenn :: Their ideal date is one where after they get back home, Dean goes, huh, that was a date and Castiel never figures it out. Like Cas finds some kind of human curiosity to drag Dean to or Dean is bored so they go to a movie or something. Something simple that they just do together because they like being around each other rather than because it's an OFFICIAL DATE. But they are allowed to have sex after.

swing_set13 :: Would Castiel be that easy? Or would he need to be dated?

cloudyjenn :: I think Castiel would be halfway to the alter before he understood they were dating. Or halfway to the bedroom, I should say. He would just happy being around Dean. Once he understood that the attraction was mutual, I don't think he'd cause a fuss about dates. He'd just want Dean to be happy and I do think he'd want fidelity. Other than that, as long as they were having fun together, I don't think he'd care what they did.

swing_set13 :: And we'll taper with the age ol' of why do you write fanfiction?

cloudyjenn :: I love the characters and the show isn't enough! I would be daydreaming about them anyway, so why not put those daydreams into fics?

swing_set13 :: Finally, I hope that this has been a pleasant interview, what's on the horizon writing wise? I am already extremely happy that there is more of The Request.

cloudyjenn :: It has been pleasant! Very fun, thank you! As for the future, well, I have a couple of pledge-a-thon fics I'm in the process of writing. One is a robot AU and the other is a LOTR fusion. I plan on finishing a Big Bang story with time-travel involved. More Request, yep. Always more Soul Piece as well. Oh and my latest plan to write a fic that's Dean/Castiel as well as Jimmy/Michael. There's awkward time-sharing involved. This one will be more awkward than anything. "No way, Michael, you got my body last night! It's me and Castiel's turn to sleep together!" Very cracky and fun. Thanks, it was great!

If you have any questions for cloudyjenn about her fic or anything else, comment here!
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lilyleia78: Supernatural: Old fashioned heartbreakerlilyleia78 on June 27th, 2010 10:06 pm (UTC)
An excellent interview! Lovely insights and it's always nice to hear what/how/why other people ship Cas and Dean. And from one of my favorite authors too. Thanks.
Baublebauble on June 28th, 2010 04:04 am (UTC)
Whoot! Good job, guys! What a fun interview :)