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16 December 2010 @ 06:07 pm
Thursday: Golden Oldies  
Changes Fill My Time
wandersfound | PG | Spoilers: None | Warnings: None |
It’s been just over six months since they decided they would try to settle down so they might live to see the other side of forty after all (which, Sam gleefully points out as often as he can, is only a few weeks away for Dean).

I adore this story. It makes me feel like all the crap Dean has gone through might somehow, someday be worth it. There's a casualness to the writing that truly shows how close Dean and Cas have become. It's really a lovely story about growing older and growing up. Also, spend some time on the author's journal if you haven't before. She's a gifted author and one of my favorite in the fandom.

Good Eats
eretria | PG-13 | Spoilers: Set post S5, with the general assumption that Sam's back. | Warnings: None |
"Cas," Sam said in his reasonable voice. "You've never cooked before. Why not start with something simple like … scrambled eggs?"
"I was stationed on earth for two thousand years, Sam." Cas crossed his arms in front of his chest and threw Sam a look that should have skinned Dean's brother alive. "Cooking is not, as you're so fond of saying, rocket science." -- In which Cas zaps a lot and gets ambitious, Dean is covered in feathers, a tie is ruined, a kitchen is wrecked and Good Eats are created against all odds.

The Dean/Cas interactions in this story are incredible. It's fun, lighthearted and will make you raid the refrigerator. Also, the author does a great job with the supporting cast. Bobby and Sam had me laughing my head off.

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Agnes: Castielbientot on December 17th, 2010 03:38 pm (UTC)
Are there plans to move the Delicious feed elsewhere now that Delicious is not going to last?