because god(stiel) commanded it

Dean/Cas daily recs: Because God commanded it.
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Because God(stiel) commanded it.

What is this re(c)_hymenated business all about?

We have a huge fandom at our feet that produces amazing fic, art and multimedia day in and day out that we feel, as members of the Supernatural fandom and as Dean/Castiel fans, needs to be recognized and appreciated. So that is what we are here for--to concentrate solely on bringing you Dean/Castiel fanworks in one easy to navigate place. rec_hymenated was originally created by devilyouwere, was developed by oddlyfamiliar and hils, and is now run by nanoochka, nightrider101 and electricskeptic.

We are a group of readers, writers and artists of different tastes and we will try to offer you a diverse conglomeration of the great fanworks. As such reccers can also be recced or not like everybody else. This is not a comprehensive Dean/Castiel newsletter like deancastielnews, but this rather is a collection of fanworks each individual reccer has enjoyed over a period of time.

The community's name stems from Dean's quote in Monster Movie: "Dude, I'm rehymenated." He assumed that Castiel restored literally every bit of his body when he raised him from Hell.

Who are we to question his conclusion?

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What are the daily rec themes?

Monday: Gen/Friendship/Pre-slash Fiction
Tuesday: Fiction rated G to R
Wednesday: Fiction rated NC-17
Thursday: Golden Oldies
Friday: Art/Multimedia
Saturday: Speciality Themes
Sunday: Free-For-Alls, Interviews, and other special events
(For further information please see the relevant tag.)

The theme concept was inspired by crack_impala.

Who are your reccers?

(active): darksilvercat, dehavilland, electricskeptic, heathyr_iltp, lilyleia78, metaphoracle, nanoochka, nightrider101, pippinroxmysox, princess_aleera, sevvy23.

(on hiatus): bauble, exmanhater, fate_incomplete, kaziwren, perfumaniac, wolfrider89

How can I participate?

Simply friend or join the community if you want the good stuff our fandom produces to appear on your friendslist. Note, that only reccers have posting access. If you're interested in becoming a reccer, head over here to find out how to send in your application.

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Official Spoiler Policy (abridged from the deancastiel policy)

All spoilers from unaired episodes will be placed behind an lj-cut with a warning marking them as spoilers. Spoilers for recently aired episodes will now be split into two different time windows:

For ONE WEEK or 7 DAYS after an episode has first aired, episode summaries, information about characters, plot, or any other information pertaining to an episode will be behind an lj-cut with a warning for spoilers. The ONE WEEK rule expires seven days after an episode has aired, generally at the same time as when the next new episode has aired.

For THREE DAYS or 72 HOURS after an episode has first aired, episode titles from the episode will be behind an lj-cut with a warning for spoilers.

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Negative Comments and Criticism

We don't allow negative comments about a rec on the rec posts themselves. These negative comments include but are not limited to criticizing the fanwork and/or the author. If you have criticism for the author please be fair and comment on the fanwork directly or PM them.

Criticism about the comm itself is allowed and welcomed. If you have any suggestions, critique, praise or general comments please leave us a note here.

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